#48 – How to Escape “The Funk”

Have you ever had those days when you’re in a funk?

Where you’re in a bad mood for no good reason?

In this video, I share the cure for the funk.  There’s no podcast this week because of some serious technical difficulties, so I thought I would share via video (who’s up for a little change every now and then right??)

It started when I came home.

I discovered it in the kitchen.

And I was unknowingly taught a valuable lesson the entire time!

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#41 – What Kayaking Revealed About My Marriage

A gift different than most.

This past Saturday was my birthday (yup, the big 2-7), and the present I got from Loretta was just as much therapy as it was fun!

Naturally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you. I’m not just going to share what kayaking revealed about my marriage; I’m going to get Loretta’s (my wife) input this time as well!


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