3 Ways to Practice Your Faith with Your Family

I love taking drives with my family.

The radio is playing, the munchkins are looking out the window, and the next thing I know I hear two small voices coming from the backseat singing worship songs: “Our God is awesome, he can move mountains, keep me in the valley, hide me from rain…”

Photo credit: Morgan Sessions

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#73: What You Need to Know about Work/Life Balance

It can’t just be me.

I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve been doing a terrible job of balancing work and family…you know, the “work/life balance” thing.

  • I’m not putting my phone down when I come home for the day.
  • I’m thinking about other projects while I’m at dinner with my family.
  • I’m consistently staying late at work, even though there’s always one more thing to do.


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