# 53 – Are You Impacting Your Kids?

It’s hard to measure the impact on our kids, but it’s not impossible.

One of my childhood friends was a fanatical, yell-at-the-TV Purdue Boilermaker football fan. He knew the roster, the schedules, and more stuff than I knew existed.

He didn’t learn it on his own though – he learned to be passionate about football from his parents. (the image below is random, in case you were wondering!)

Crazy sports fan

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What Does “You Are the Potter, I Am the Clay” Really Look Like?

When I read passages in the Bible about God being the potter and me being that clay, I understand it…at least on a conceptual level.

I came across a video recently that took my understanding to a completely different level, and wanted to share it with you.  But before you watch it, try this exercise with the video.

I promise it’ll increase the impact – and the concept of “potter” and “clay” will never be the same again.

Try this:

Watch the video in it’s entirety.  It’s powerful the first time around.

Now watch it again.  

But the second time, keep a pen and paper close by to jot down your reflections.  Just pause the video when something hits you; jot it down; and resume watching the video.

After you’ve done this, scroll past the video, and you can see my own reflections.

My own reflections:

Jeremiah 18:3

With much love and attention, God creates each one of us…while we may look very similar, we are all uniquely created.

Isaiah 29.16

The incredulity of the pot, STILL BEING FORMED, saying anything but “Thank you,” to the potter was brought home to me. On an intellectual level, I understood.  But to see a pot being formed by a potter, and thinking about the immeasurable DISTANCE between the potter and the pot (on every level), leaves anyone to wonder why a pot would question the potter…or why a human would question God.

Isaiah 64.8

Taking literally dirt, and fashioning it into some beautiful AND useful.  The potter is proud of what he has created, and the pot’s craftsmanship reflects that…Do our lives reflect our gratefulness to God?

Your turn.

What were your reflections?  Share them in the comments below!

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