#23 – 10 Politically Incorrect Reasons That Our Marriage Works [podcast]

I never thought making a list would improve my marriage!

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I originally saw Tony Morgan do something similar, and decided to give it a shot myself.  Here are ten politically incorrect reasons that our marriage works:

  1. We still listen to our song.
  2. We stay in shape for each other.
  3. We date. A lot.
  4. We actively work on loving our in-laws.
  5. We’re committed to resolving conflicts before going to bed.
  6. She cooks for me…and enjoys it.
  7. I keep my head clean shaven for her.
  8. We hold hands everywhere we go…and sit close to each other at home and in public.
  9. I open the car door for her, even in the rain.
  10. We speak well of each other in public, even if the other person isn’t there.

Try this:  Grab a piece of paper and sit down with your spouse.  Make your own separate lists of ten reasons why you’re still married.  Then share it with each other (on a date, or over coffee). 

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