#76: 3 Ways to Practice Your Faith with Your Family

I love taking drives with my family.

The radio is playing, the munchkins are looking out the window, and the next thing I know I hear two small voices coming from the backseat singing worship songs: “Our God is awesome, he can move mountains, keep me in the valley, hide me from rain…”

Photo credit: Morgan Sessions

“Our God is Awesome!”

That’s not something our family will learn on their own. As husbands and fathers, one of our primary responsibilities is to lead our family in faith.

But that doesn’t just happen on accident.

It requires being intentional.

It requires consistently modeling our faith.

In this episode, I share three ways to practice your faith with your family. They’re easy, fun, and will give you one more reason to spend time together.

But here is the kicker.

After you listen, don’t just say, “That was good!” and leave it at that. Take action, immediately, and give your family the opportunity to grow in their faith.

Click here to listen.


How do you practice your faith with your family?

P.s. Here are two of my family’s favorite worship songs…enjoy!

BJ Putnam – Our Father

Charles Jenkins – Our God Is Awesome

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