#78: Sexual Identity and Faith

It all started at a dinner party.

We had just spent that past few minutes talking about each other’s background, and really seemed to connect. I had already introduced him to my wife, Loretta, and we were already thinking about having dinner with them sometime.


But then I was caught off guard.

We talked about kids and all sorts of things…and then he introduced me to his partner.

Maybe that caught you off guard…or maybe it didn’t

As society has an on-going discussion about homosexuality and sexual identity, rarely is the church silent. But when she speaks, she’s lacking grace, gentleness, and respect.

In this episode, I talk about where we’ve gone wrong, as a church, but how we can do right, as individuals. You’ll discover that the body of Christ is beautiful and varied, and that we can enage culture graciously, gentlty, and respectfully.

The new sexual revolution isn’t going away, and you as an individual should know why you stand where you stand, and how to translate that into every day life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re as liberal as Rachel Held Evans (who has written some good stuff), or as conservative as the Southern Baptist Convention: When you put a face to an “issue”, it quickly becomes personal:

  • About as personal as a savior who accepted me as I was, instead of waiting for me to change.
  • About as personal as a savior who gave his life for me, on the prospect that I would choose to become one of the “whosoever believes in him.”

Listen to this episode with your walls down, and your heart open.


Click here to listen.

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