#80: What Really Matters Most?

The conversation was not what I expected.

A good friend of mine met me for coffee, and as far as I knew, he had everything going for him.


You know, things like:

A good job, with solid benefits. His wife and daughter had just moved into a new house, and things were going really well. Which is why is threw me off when he told me he almost lost his job.

As he listed off all the things he almost lost, he left off one thing. But what he did about that is even better.

I thought he had everything going before we had coffee. But now I know he’s on the right track, regardless of what happens at his job.

What did he leave off? Listen to find out, but I hope you would be able to leave it off of the list of things you would lose if you found yourself in the same situation.

Click here to listen.

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