Live Life Better Weekly Podcast

Live Life Better is a weekly podcast dedicated to empower men, inspire husbands, and encourage dads.

My goal is to empower men to lead their families, inspire husbands to love their wives, and encourage dads be present with their kids; all over a hot cup of coffee.

Podcast Cover ArtI post a new podcast episode every Wednesday.  You can get notified via email by clicking HERE.

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Podcast Archive

  1. 3 Life Lessons I Learned from Running (and so much more)! (9/25/13)
  2. Spiritual Economics (10/2/13)
  3. The Power of Your Decisions (10/9/13)
  4. Why You Need Your Family (10/16/13)
  5. The Importance of Rest (10/23/30)
  6. Why You Should Ask For Forgiveness (10/30/13)
  7. Why Marriage Is A Big Deal (11/06/13)
  8. Why Jesus Would’ve Been A Marine (11/13/13)
  9. What This Podcast Is About (11/20/13)
  10. Is Your Faith Foolish? (11/27/13)
  11. Why My Wife and I Share a Facebook Profile (12/4/13)
  12. 3 Productivity Lessons I Learned from the Gym (12/11/13)
  13. The Definition of a Successful Marriage (12/18/13)
  14. Two Words that will Radically Reconstruct Your Understanding of Christmas (12/25/13) 
  15. Re-energizing Your Prayer Life (1/1/14)
  16. The Secret to Managing Your Busy Life (1/8/14)
  17. Is Saving for Retirement Biblical? (1/15/14)
  18. How Much Is Your Life Worth? (1/22/14)
  19. How to Make a Difference (1/29/14)
  20. The Art of Listening (2/5/14)
  21. The Single Most Important Thing A Father Can Do For His Children (2/12/14)
  22. 3 Words That Changed My Perspective On Life (2/19/14)
  23. 10 Politically Incorrect Reasons That Our Marriage Works (2/26/14)
  24. 10 MORE Politically Incorrect Reasons That Our Marriage Works (3/5/14)
  25. 5 Easy Ways to Slow Down Your Fast Life (3/12/14)
  26. The Myth About Finding God’s Will For Your Life (3/19/14
  27. The Most Important Investment Your Accountant Never Told You About (3/26/14)
  28. My Confession About Being A Father (4/2/14)
  29. 3 Lessons I Learned From Organic, Fair Trade, French Press Coffee (4/9/14)
  30. How I Accomplish More By Doing Less…And Spend More Time With My Family (4/16/14)
  31. Stop Inviting People to Church (4/22/14)
  32. Why Your Faith is More Important Than Any Miracle (4/30/14)
  33. The One Shift That Can Transform Your Faith (5/14/14)
  34. 5 Ways to Increase Your Impacts as a Father (5/21/14)
  35. 4 Ways to Love Your Wife and Rock Your Marriage Today (5/28/14)
  36. My Answers to Listener Questions (6/4/14)


  • jose crespo

    Hi Phil,

    Your podcast episodes give an error messages that reads “File not found”. I really want to check them out but I can’t download them. Can you look into this?

    Best Regards,
    Jose Crespo

    • Philip Devine

      Hi Jose,

      They’re all back up, thanks for the heads up! Also, new episodes are being released again every Wednesday (starting tomorrow).

      Take care,


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