#74: One Question Every Parent Needs to Ask

Have you ever stopped in your tracks?

I mean come across a picture, a new thought, a quote, that stopped you in your tracks?


“The way we treat our children directly impacts what they believe about themselves” – Ariadne Brill

But it wasn’t the quote itself that caused me to pause. Rather, it was the questions that came out of it:

How do I treat my kids?
What am I telling them about themselves?

The one question every parent needs to ask…

There are so many questions that come to mind as a parent, but questions that address our influence on our children are the most important.

What do I want my children to believe about themselves?


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  • Melody Baker

    Thank you Philip for the challenge! The principle of “reaping what you sow” stands the test of time, but it seems often we are too busy to think about the seeds we are planting. Your encouragement to be purposeful in our planting is a gentle yet critical part of parenting. Blessed by listening!

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