#75: To Husbands: How to Deal with Your Insecurities

I know…we husbands don’t have any.

Or at least, we generally don’t talk about them, especially in public. So in honor of all the husbands who struggle with what I’m about to share, here we go!


“I’m stressed out.”

During this time of year, I’ve got all sorts of celebrations on my plate:

  • Valentines Day,
  • My wife’s birthday
  • Our wedding anniversary
  • Mother’s day

Getting gifts or planning celebrations has never been my forte.

In fact, it’s been a pain point for me, because of my insecurities.

In this episode, we’ll share a few birthday “fails,” along with some significant celebration “wins.”

It turns out, my insecurities come more from me than anything else, and I finally learn (and hopefully enlighten all the husbands out there) why all of these celebrations are so important to my wife.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. As a husband, take the lead in your relationship and share how you feel with your wife. It may take a few conversations, and possibly open up the door to clear things up that have been brewing beneath the surface.
  2. Know that your insecurities have as much to do with you as they do with your wife. For me, it was from false expectations I set for myself.
  3. Agree to creating lasting memories for celebrations, instead of big gifts where the novelty fades after time.

What insecurities do you deal with as a husband?


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